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Project Hospitality is an independent hospitality research & consulting firm that is focused on travel & lodging. We perform many of the research & analysis tasks that are required by the developers, owners and operators of hotels, resorts & restaurants


We work with major franchise brands as well as smaller independent hotels/motels.

Whether you are developing a new property or renovating and re-positioning an existing one, you need to analyze the market and determine feasibility of what you want to do and that's where Project Hospitality steps in.

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A task force is always essential when the project involves complex issues, or when the outcome will require organizational change. Finding a key team member for your hotel or any other business when turnover can be challenging. We provide solutions that help hotels fill open sales or operations positions in a quick, cost effective manner.

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Our revenue management solutions are focused on uncovering the hidden revenue potential of your hospitality business. We interact with various departments and levels of staff in your organization, just like an onsite revenue manager. The main difference is that remote revenue managers of Project Hospitality are based in our home office, and work within a cluster of hotel yield experts on the strategies of your hotel.

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You've got some sales leads with your marketing, great! What about closing those sales? Or how can you maximize sales for each person that walks through your door?

Project Hospitality is available to:

  • Provide on-site interim sales management assistance

  • Create and train sales

  • Analyze sales strategies and performance

  • Help retain guests

  • Up-sell your products or services

  • Establish a guide for sales efforts translating into action steps with measurable results

In addition, we can help with sales and marketing for conferences and other large events.

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