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With over 10 years of experience and depth of knowledge, Project Hospitality brings a unique perspective to each of our projects. 

The mission of Project Hospitality is to provide clients with solutions for their specific needs in the hospitality sector – addressing business problems with a creative approach grounded in practical experience and a high level of expertise.

We provide a full range of consulting services including sales, revenue management, human resources, food and beverage, marketing, finance, and operations.


Our clients include owners, developers, corporate entities & management companies. 


Meet The Owner

Kristina Calogero

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Kristina Calogero owner and president of Project Hospitality started her career as a teenager working alongside her mother who was the GM of a convention hotel. After gaining extensive experience throughout different departments Kristina moved up the ladder to upper management overseeing full service and luxury brand hotels in major cities across the country such as New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Cleveland.


After 5 years of direct property management for brands such as The Westin Grand Central Station NYC and the Hilton Meadowlands NJ, Kristina took an opportunity in Hilton Task Force. Her positive energy, stellar work ethics, and ability to quickly solve difficult problems gained the attention of other hotel groups leading her to create a new career as a hotel task force consultant.


For the last 4 years Kristina has been in demand by the leading Hospitality companies across the globe. Her reputation in the task force and consulting community is well known for her expertise in scaling hotel related businesses and implementing useful operating strategies across all departments.

While the pandemic forced many hotel staff members to leave their jobs, Kristina took this rare opportunity to focus on building her own career path. She started Project Hospitality to assist Hotels across the world in filling positions, coaching management and recovering lost revenue all while providing unmatched customer service.

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